We are china based exporter of custom made Aramid, Glass and Carbon fiber products and their respective composites. Having established close relationships with a number of local high-tech manufacturers, we are able to supply a wide range of products at much economical prices and yet maintain highest standards on quality.

Our products include fabrics, prepregs, tubes, rods, sheets made from glass/aramid/carbon fibers.

We also deal in Nomex/Kevlar Honeycomb cores as well as their sandwich panels. Vacuum bagging materials like peel ply, bagging film, infusion mesh, sealing tapes etc are ones that make us the most comprehensive supplier of the industry. Our products are widely used in making hulls, yachts, rc planes, octocopters, quadcopters, fishing rods, hockey bats, turbine blades and construction reinforcement.

We deal in the above mentioned products not just for money making but because we're indeed fascinated by these products. Let it be the light weight but high strength of these products or their gorgeous look, these products have always exceeded human expectations.​

Minimum Order Quantity

MOQ for most of our fabrics is 1 full roll, 1 roll is mostly 50/100 meters long

For Honeycomb cores, it is 5 sheets and for tubes, rods, sheets 25 units

Terms of Payment

We accept payment through PayPal, TT, LC, Western union etc.

PayPal is limited to small orders only.

For small orders 100% payment is required in advance whereas for large orders 40-60% is enough as advance.

Product Delivery and Transportation

For most products, we are able to dispatch in 3-5 days whereas for custom made products like tubes, rods etc it take 1-3 weeks.

Clients are free to choose the mode of transportation. Commonly used means are international couriers like DHL, FedEx, air and water shipping.

We pride ourselves in providing a fantastic and honest service to the customer. 

We are committed to quality products,  sincere service and punctual delivery.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information