Carbon Fiber Rods

We supply high qualiity and strong rods made from carbon fiber.

These carbon fiber rods are produced by a process called Pultrusion where long strands of carbon fibers are mixed with epoxy/vinylester resin.

These pultruded rods are extraordinarily straight, extremely strong and light weight.

The thinnest we can manufacture is 0.28mm and the longest is 3 meters

We also supply pultruded rods made using glass fiber. Such rods are available in variety of colors;

such as white, green, red, yellow etc.

These rods are widely used in the following areas

  • Robotics

  • RC models

  • ​Kites

  • ​UAVs

  • Construction reinforcements

We can also wrap these pultruded rods with carbon fiber cloth giving them 3K twill/plain look.

Such rods are available in gloss and matte finishes. 

​We also supply custom made tapered carbon fiber rods.

Please contact us for more information.​​