Fiber Glass Cloth

Also Known as glass fiber cloth, these are made from two types of  high strength fiber glass yarn; 

E-glass and C-glass

​These fiber glass cloths are available in Plain, Twill and UD weaves.

These are compatible with different resin systems like polyester, vinylester, epoxy, phenolic etc. 

​Due to their high tensile strength and impact-resistant nature, fiber glass cloths are widely used in the production of boats, kayaks, vessels, automobile parts, tanks, sports goods etc. These fiber glass cloths in combination with Chopped stranded mat make one of the strongest composites.

Woven Fiber Glass Cloth(made from twisted yarn)

  • Available weights: 90, 136, 155, 120, 240, 270 gsm

  • Common Widths: 965, 1270, 1524 mm

  • Moisture content: ≤ 0.15( for C-glass) ≤ 0.20(for E-glass)

  • Loss on ignition: 0.5%

Woven Rovings

Woven Rovings are basically heavier versions of fiber glass cloth made directly from fiber glass rovings(Untwisted yarn)

​Woven rovings are mainly used to gain thickness quickly in laminates.

  • Available weights: 200, 400, 600, 800 gsm 

  • ​Common Widths: 965, 1270, 1524 mm

Unidirectional Fiber glass cloth

These cloths are stitched together using polyester binders and oriented in a single direction.

​Some along the weft and some along the weft.

These UD fiber glass cloth are available in different weights ranging from 100-1000 gsm. 

​Multi-axial Fiber Glass Cloth

These are made by bonding or stitching together more than 1 layer of fiber glass cloths.

Commonly used orientations are

  • 0-90 Biaxial

  • +45/-45 Biaxial

  • 0/+45/-45 Triaxial

  • 90/+45/-45 Triaxial

  • 0/90/+45/-45 Quadaxial